Daily Post: Partying, Flattery and a Visit from the Grim Reaper


Go to your Stats page and check your top 3-5 posts. Why do you think they’ve been successful? Find the connection between them, and write about it.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CONNECTIONS.

What do partying, starvation and the ‘about’ page of the creator of this blog have in common? The first two are oxymoronic to each other, the third is frankly just flattering (my mother suspects I’m reading my boyfriend’s messages because I just blushed). I can understand why the post on partying has so many views, it was in response to a Daily Prompt challenge which gives me free advertising space on the Daily Post page and the name of the poem I wrote (From Dr. Hyde’s Perspective) was very inviting.

Let’s move onto starvation. Valar Morghulis (the term itself is taken from Game of Thrones by G.R.R. Martin)  is a short story from the point of view of the Grim Reaper who goes onto shroud a little soul in his embrace. But he’s in for a surprise. And as for my About page, all I can say is, I try to be funny… everywhere.

So, conspiracy theories aside, what is the connection between these so very diverse topics? Can it be that everyone is designated to die at some point in time, never mind who they are; a whimsical circumlocutor or a lethargic and bi-polar party animal? Everyone eventually gets a visit from the Grim Reaper, he is the least discriminating of chaps I’ve ever written about and lethargy does invite him so desperately (NOTE TO SELF: Start jogging tomorrow). I don’t know. The more I live, the more I realise how weird this world is. Is the Grim Reaper a party animal? I’d love to form a conga line with him. I don’t know. And thereby hangs a tale.

7 thoughts on “Daily Post: Partying, Flattery and a Visit from the Grim Reaper

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  2. Shuchita, this is great! I love it and I am jealous that yours is more creative than mine 😦 Whimsy is my thing so for that you deserve a follow, but don’t think you will win again…lol

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  7. olaa.. nice post.. even if the grim reaper were a party dude, m not partying with him!! for you never know… an after party drive might be your last one!!

    your writing is one and vivacious and almost contagious.. do check out my blog at http://timplyboo.blogspot.in

    ignore the latest 2 post.. you might like the later ones.. its a newbie blog jus a week old!! and m looking forward for someone to review it! and you are great.. also i feel a humorist has the most depth!!


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