WordPress, I Give you my Fealty

“There’s nobody wiser

Not when it comes to popular –I know about popular

And with an assist from me

To be who you’ll be

Instead of dreary who-you-were, well are

There’s nothing that can stop you

From becoming popu-lar”


These are the lyrics to the song Popular from the musical Wicked and I can’t help but think it’s the same thing WordPress is singing to me right now. Yesterday, I was so excited. I got 5 likes on my blog in one day, which was serious business indeed. My blog is nigh on two months old with around 22 posts which isn’t bad at all. Eleven posts a month on an average, which is definitely more than what I wrote the entire previous year. But then again, I had examinations and let me tell you at the onset, mathematics is something I suck at. So imagine my surprise today when I checked the stats counter and went into paroxysms of pleasure. 115 views and 27 visitors! I haven’t been Freshly Pressed so I wasn’t expecting this at all. See this is my daily routine:

10 A.M. Wake up

11 A.M. – 6P.M. Keep refreshing the WordPress Reader or try writing something that will ensure that I become the next internet sensation

6 P.M. – 8 P.M. Go for a jog (but get tired after five minutes and go play with the neighbourhood dogs, pretending to be very skillful in their handling. Give long discourses on what they should be fed, while keeping an eye out for mother, who’d surely murder me if she found me loitering around, instead of using the time to burn off some carbs)

8 P.M. – 9 P.M. Watch the national news channels. Comment on why the news anchor has to shout out everything instead of doing his job.

9 P.M. – 12 P.M. Cross fingers and hope that WordPress loves me more than it did that morning and check my stats.

12 A.M. Sleep. Dream of becoming the next internet sensation while trying to not remember that college starts in a week.

But today I’ve just been sitting in front of the laptop, scarcely able to believe the drama unfolding in front of my eyes. People read what I write! They comment intelligently on the posts I write; it’s not like Aksimet is letting through spam (although I do appreciate all my spammers, they give me hope when all else fails. A big thank you to all of the “Make yourself fat free in 10 days” and other pages. You give me a reason to live when darkness seems to prevail).


I started this blog, funnily enough, to keep a track of all my writings, to have it all in one place so even if my computer crashes (like it always does), all my writings would be safe and secure. When some people started following me, my heart burst (with pleasure, not blood pressure) and I started directing my writing at them, hoping they’d notice me. And the courtship began. And now two months later, I feel as if I’ve reached a major milestone. So thank you WordPress, for making me feel loved, for making me feel as if I truly belong somewhere, in a community of people, who though unknown to me, feel closer than ever (not in the creepy sense. Gosh I do always need to ruin sentimental posts. Dad, it’s all your fault).


So WordPress, thank you very, very much. I love you.

6 thoughts on “WordPress, I Give you my Fealty

  1. Always, when people visit one’s blog, and their every comment makes us delighted, feels elevated and makes us to write more. Congrats and keep going… Happy blogging…!!

    • Thank youu!
      Yes, it’s an exhilarating moment, when you see the blue WordPress notification button turn orange. I’m glad I joined WordPress. Blogspot just didn’t cut it for me.

      • yaa true.. even when I started with wordpress, tried with BlogSpot… but I was not so impressed by it.. so continued with wordpress thereafter…

    • Hahaha and I’m tempted to reply, “Thanks bro, your blog’s the shizz as well. (Y)” but a slightly ladylike version of me resists and compels me to say, “thank you so much! I appreciate your comment will now proceed to visit your blog. Happy blogging to you as well!”

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