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A Fly on the Wall: Eavesdropping on Matters of National Security… Or Not


Daily Prompt: If you could be a “fly on the wall” anywhere and at any time in history, where and when would you choose?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SNEAKY.

A funny little man in horn-rimmed glasses was speaking at the podium opposite the wall I had perched myself on. “We will bomb the US embassy in Pakistan and make it look as if the Indians did it.” Wait… What? The badge emblazoned across his chest read “Director, Inter Services Intelligence, Pakistani Cabinet”. That’s a heavy designation for such a little man. He looked around in a self-important manner. Everybody sat in stunned silence, when suddenly a girl with a stern expression giggled. The whole committee erupted in laughter. Some people were falling off their chairs, slapping their thighs. The President of the Cabinet sighed, and brushed away the ISI Director whose face had assumed a crestfallen expression and committee dragged on. “What is this place?” I couldn’t help but wonder. I buzzed around a half asleep boy’s ears until he woke up and shooed me away and then finally settled on some girl’s ripped skirt, climbing up the thread with some measure of difficulty as I had put on some weight in the past few days. I hopped onto the table where various placards were popped up. Most of them read “Model United Nations, Crisis Cabinet”. Another read “Bangladesh War of 1971”. This was getting interesting. Apparently these people were simulating the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971 and I had perchance landed up in the Pakistani Cabinet. The last time I had eavesdropped on something important was when the Great Dane, whose kennel I usually inhabit because of the luscious smell of mold that pervades the air, was plotting on how to get back at the neighbour’s Alsatian using dirty tricks. This somehow seemed similar… Ooh this girl’s hair seems infested with tasty treats. Fare thee well, my friends, I have found a food source at last!

7 thoughts on “A Fly on the Wall: Eavesdropping on Matters of National Security… Or Not

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  6. I quite enjoy the perspective of the fly in your writing. It was amusing and poignant at the same time. You could write a short story (or a long story, I suppose) using the first-person fly as a main character. Sort of like Kafka’s Metamorphosis, but more droll, less horrifying.

  7. Metamorphosis… Jesus. I always felt sorry for Gregor. It wasn’t his fault. And I hated how his family just abandoned him.
    Anyway, thank you for appreciating my fly (I’m a girl so this can’t be a crude double entendre). I’ve already named him Oscar, after one of my favourite authors Oscar Wilde. You know, that is actually a pretty great idea. I will write this story now, thanks for the suggestion. 😀

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