Pretentious Poetry

The Great Escape


Once upon a time lived a princely young man

The darkness in life shining brightly as bright can

For imposed upon him a ban by a father, forbidding in stance

Tall, dark and bearded, crushing one with a glance

A sword hung on his belt; it saw blood upon desert, blood upon shore

It had swept through flesh, it had sliced through gore

This god upon earth, this judge of all men

Had pierced through a pretence, with his all-seeing ken

Dithering on suspicion and then certainty

This young lad of his had a secret bride-to-be

A fair young woman, highly born and bred

Beautiful certainly, and certainly not unwed

She had been married as a child, loathed she her lord

Prominent were his teeth, his beer belly broad

This princeling courted her for her loveliness was famed

Seeing which his father fumed, his house would not be shamed

In a flash he placed his son under lock and key

Little dreaming that his son schemed and planned to flee

He’d rescue his love at once and away they would sprint

He kept his father in the dark, not a word, nor a hint

So one dark night, when the castle chatter died

He sneaked out the door, his guards securely tied

He leapt on his horse and onwards he went

Until he reached the mere and found his lover broken and bent

She had been found out by her husband, great was his rage

That neither clever counsel nor beer could ever hope to assuage

So cunningly he sent out the most silent of his men

To get the job done, and push her down the glen

When the son saw her body, grief consumed his mind

Fate unkind led his down this alley, slowly his world turned blind

Resigned to his fate he went back to his castle

Nary a friend he had, nor slave or vassal

Father cruel, he sentenced him to hang

When his body dangled the voices in the square rang

Some with song, some with grief

Kind he was, although his passage through time brief

And as I pen down their saga I can’t help but wonder

Two souls, lost through space, their hearts torn asunder

I’m sure they must be searching for their love was not meek

Through the ages it may last, never turning antique

And now as the shadows lengthen, I must end this tale bizarre

But as I lie awake, I hear cries from afar

The voices haunt me, in death though it may have been

“Have they found one another?” is the question that remains to be seen.

2 thoughts on “The Great Escape

  1. Infact i did find them.. As love embraces in every living and non living thing.. They will be the happy soul in after their foremast… Love is just beginning for them and they will live younger as the days go on… I simply amazed, dangled and loved how you represented it.. Great going shuhchita ,,, Emoitons between two hearts… and in fact three ( the one who wrote it)… was amazingly described….

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