Pretentious Poetry

The Striped Shadow

There is a nemesis that hides in the dark

In trees, under bushes, say boat, bulwark

Sharp are the fangs that slaver for blood

Once pierced, unleash a mighty flood

Of malicious poison, dark and cruel

That curdles your sap, thickened akin to gruel

Forbearing the agony unleashed, a cruel mistress

Can be a difficult task causing much distress

To body, mind, heart and sole

The frenzy of a rush of blood can take its toll

On the strongest, leaving them ridden with fever

That convinces them at times to hack and sever

The organs inflamed with a passion of fire and ice

Sensations of the scurrying feet of church mice

Running all over you, determined to dominate

Every part of you that screams to nominate

An heir, a successor, for surely you won’t last that long?

The delirium shall not pass, au contraire it grows ever so strong

And slowly the madness will pass, the flush recede

The lifeblood curdles, Oh how easily he deceived!

So casually he rested on my arm

A prick was all it took; now my body won’t stay long warm

The curtain of life falls, and I, I who thought I’d never

Be a victim of something so mundane, as unsophisticated as that of the Dengue Fever.

3 thoughts on “The Striped Shadow

    • Hahaha I’m not a poetess as yet, but thanks for commenting. As a fellow coffee addict, I share your sentiments about reading clever poetry at night (pshh modesty).
      The back story is that I caught the fever a couple of years ago and wrote this when I recovered. The misspelling of ‘soul’ as ‘sole’ is on purpose because as the fever recedes, your extremities start to itch. Really bad.Again, thanks for commenting! Hope you read more of my other stuff!

      Tinkerty tonk.

      • Clever poetry ey? A humble darling indeed. Hahaha

        Interesting back story, I guess you have to thank the mosquito behind this poem, it did you a cause,per se.

        “Soul as sole” it speaks that of a poetess in the making. Given a year you could definitely polish your lexicon more and indulge yourself with life’s window of inspirations.

        I am totally looking forward to have a good time on your blog.

        From a reader, to a follower. Good stuff

        K.W. Villa

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