The Quintessential Introduction

Hey There, Delilah

It’s been a horrendously long time since I wrote for pleasure, my time being occupied writing scholarly passages with content that was utter baloney and engaging in a pagan worship ritual, It Which Must Not Be Named, but operates under various aliases, the most popular being Calculus, Algebra and the worst, their combined form, Mathematics. I have borne the brunt of the storm (the dreaded school-leaving exams), going in as a terrified, eighteen year old mess (the result of a month and half’s preparation) and emerging at the end as a weather-beaten, slightly less terrified, eighteen-years-and a-month old mess. All in all, it’s been a good long haul, but I digress.

It was the thought of my turning into a jobless, penniless and most importantly, worthless adult or worse, a saleswoman, that sobered me up and spurred me into action. As much as the notion of wandering the high seas as a characterless pirate intrigues me, that kind of life is no place for cultured individuals to casually saunter into with impunity. And without sun-screen lotions. Ponder the implications! Ruling the Seven Seas with a cutlass in hand is a very romantic notion, but the romance ends when that hand is desiccated,  graying and infiltrated with the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Even a pirate needs sun-screen lotions, for Christ’s sake. But I digress, yet again.

I wanted my first blog on this site to represent a part of what I am. The success of my father’s blog and the failure of my first, annoys me no end. Foiled by sheer laziness, this time I was determined to keep that particular trait in check and write till the ink sputters. Keeping with tradition, dramatic declarations require dramatic music playing in the background to, you know, chill the readers’ veins, send shivers down their spines and all the other thingamajigs associated with it. With this in mind, I’d like to take the liberty of posting a link here:

I promise to do my utmost to tickle your funny bone if you admit to have one! Poetry, fiction, satire, stories, drama, burlesques, rhapsodies, anything and everything under the sun, absolutely anything, is what you’ll get here. I promise to make it good. Toodle-o!


P.S. If you’re wondering what the title is about, it’s this: Not the biblical temptress. Oops.


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