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Peaceably Black and White

I have always felt that India, notwithstanding its many defects, is an eccentric combination of a myriad of cultural entities that just somehow harmonise and coalesce into a single union. The distance between our northern and southern frontiers and the western and eastern borders is so vast, that I had half-expected this integration to undo … Continue reading


A Report on Communalism in India by a Dummy for Dummies

In Indian society communal feelings and tensions have always been a part of the societal make-up. But what is communalism? Communalism is the politicisation of religious identities and by extrapolation, a form of religious nationalism which holds the ideology of promoting conflict between various religious communities. In India though, this turns violent as religion becomes … Continue reading

First WordPress Award!

First WordPress Award!

I’m usually not the kind of person who awaits surprises, even pleasant ones, with suppressed excitement, or even pleasure. That’s why I’ve hated surprise birthday parties and am conniving enough to make my friends reveal what they’re planning. But imagine my surprise (yes, the word does get thrown around a lot on these kind of … Continue reading